Gratte-Cul" wild rosehip jam from the Jura Vaudois

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our Artisanal "Gratte-Cul" Wild Rosehip Jam from the Jura Vaudois. A sweet embrace with mysterious notes, this jam celebrates the magic of fruit from the Swiss heights. Savour a unique taste experience, a journey to the heart of the wild flavours of the Jura, where each spoonful reveals the essence of unspoilt nature

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Our Artisanal "Gratte-Cul" Wild Rosehip Jam from the Jura Vaudois is much more than just a jam, it's an invitation to taste the magic of wild orchards. At first glance, the jar reveals the radiance of rosehips, the emblematic fruit of the Swiss summits.

Each jar is the result of a meticulous craft process. The rosehips, hand-picked from the unspoiled heights of the Jura Vaudois, are carefully selected for optimum ripeness. This attention to quality is reflected in every spoonful of jam, where the subtle flavors of the rosehip are preserved.

The processing that follows is an art, a sweet alchemy that respects the natural richness of the fruit. Cooked over a low heat, the jam reveals a velvety texture and complex aromas. The tangy, slightly woody notes of the rosehip blend harmoniously with the sugar, creating a symphony of flavors that evokes the vast landscapes of the Jura.

A spoonful of jam becomes a gustatory journey, a sensory experience that transports the palate to majestic heights. Each tasting reveals the freshness and purity of wild fruit, evoking the sunny days and cool nights of the Swiss mountains.

Savor this artisanal "Gratte-Cul" jam on fresh bread, with fine cheeses or as a sweet addition to your favorite desserts. In this way, it becomes a tribute to the unspoiled nature of the Jura Vaudois, a way of celebrating biodiversity and the authenticity of regional flavors.

Vaud (CH)