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Wild flavors of the Jura Vaudois

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Discover an exceptional gourmet hamper, bringing together five wild-picked delights from the unspoiled Jura Vaudois in Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of this region with our exquisite selection: elderberry syrup with tangy notes, delicate apple-plum jelly, refined fir bud jelly, authentic elderberry jelly, and surprising dandelion flower jelly. Each product, a true tribute to local biodiversity, offers a rare taste experience. Treat yourself to this unique culinary journey, capturing the essence of the wild lands of the Jura Vaudois.

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A gustatory journey to the heart of the wild flavors of the Jura Vaudois

Let yourself be tempted by a gustatory journey to the heart of the wild flavors of the Jura Vaudois. This gourmet hamper features a selection of five artisanal products, wild-picked from this unspoiled mountainous region of Switzerland.

Wild elderberry syrup, a refreshing drink with tangy, floral notes, is a perfect accompaniment to your meals or desserts. Wild plum-apple jelly, a delicate, fragrant jam with fruity, sweet flavors, will delight you on your toast, pancakes or waffles. The fir bud jelly, an original and refined jam with woody and herbaceous notes, will surprise your taste buds. Elderberry jelly, an authentic, timeless jam with a tangy, fruity flavor, is a must in Swiss cuisine. Finally, dandelion flower jelly, a surprising and original jam with floral and sweet notes, will give you a unique taste experience.

Each product in this gourmet hamper is carefully crafted by passionate artisans who respect traditions. They are made from wild plants, harvested with respect for the environment.

Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and discovery, with this gourmet basket of wild flavors from the Jura Vaudois.

Vaud (CH)