Artisanal wild fir bud jelly from the Jura Vaudois

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Immerse yourself in the magical world of our Wild Fir Bud Jelly, a treasure from the Jura Vaudois in Switzerland. This jelly, born from buds bursting with mystery, reveals a symphony of unique flavours, offering a taste experience worthy of a forest adventure. Explore the authenticity of the Swiss mountains with every spoonful, an enchanting encounter between wild nature and refined craftsmanship

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mmerse yourself in a gustatory tale with our Wild Fir Bud Jelly, an exquisite fusion of the Jura Vaudois. In this unspoilt region of Switzerland, each bud holds the secret of the forest, capturing the pure energy of the Alpine mountains. Hand-picked, these buds are meticulously transformed into an exceptional jelly, a true culinary epic.

From the very first spoonful, your palate is transported to the heart of nature, where woody and resinous notes blend in a harmonious symphony. The jelly, enhanced by a natural sweetness, evokes the very essence of wild fir, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

Use this divine jelly to accompany fine cheeses, delicate meats or simply on a slice of fresh bread. Each jar bears witness to ancestral know-how, preserving the purity of the ingredients and the soul of the Swiss mountains

Vaud (CH)
120 gr