Wild Jura Vaudois apple plum jelly

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Embark on a unique taste journey with our Wild Apple-Sloe Jelly, a treasure from the Jura Vaudois in Switzerland. Apples and sloes, transformed by wild nature, reveal an unexpected sweet harmony. Each jar embodies the essence of a mysterious alliance, a magical fusion between the sweetness of apples and the boldness of sloes, ready to amaze your senses.

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Let yourself be carried away by the gustatory intrigue of our Wild Apple-Plum Jelly, a culinary adventure from the Jura Vaudois. Sweet apples meet deliciously bold wild sloes in a fragrant dance in the heart of the Swiss mountains.

From the very first spoonful, an explosion of sweet and slightly tart flavours dances on your palate, creating a taste experience of unsuspected richness. This carefully crafted jelly reveals the subtle art of marrying contrasts, preserving the purity of the wild ingredients.

Use it to enhance your sandwiches, accompany your desserts or even as a complement to a tasting of fine cheeses. Each jar is an invitation to a gourmet escape, a discovery of unsuspected flavours hidden in the heart of Swiss nature.

Vaud (CH)
120 gr