AOC Cornas BIO "Les Ruchets"

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Discover the AOC Cornas BIO "Les Ruchets" of Jean Luc Colombo, an exceptional red wine from organic farming. Syrah grape variety, wine of the Rhone Valley. Deep color, powerful nose, aromas of black fruits, spices and mineral notes. Velvety mouth, silky tannins, long finish. A wine for laying down, ideal with red meats, dishes in sauce and cheeses. Elaborated with passion and respect for nature. Summary: AOC Cornas BIO "Les Ruchets" by Jean Luc Colombo, exceptional organic red wine, syrah, terroir, powerful, velvety, ideal with meats and cheeses.

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Discover the AOC Cornas BIO "Les Ruchets" from Jean Luc Colombo, an exceptional wine from a unique terroir, cultivated in organic farming with passion and respect for nature. This remarkable red wine is made from carefully selected Syrah grapes, and is the fruit of the know-how of an emblematic winemaker of the Rhone Valley, Jean Luc Colombo.

Located in the prestigious Cornas appellation, in the Côtes du Rhône wine region, "Les Ruchets" is a wine that reflects the personality and expertise of Jean Luc Colombo. The name "Les Ruchets" evokes the beehives that populate the surrounding hills and symbolizes the richness of the biodiversity present in the organically grown vineyards.

Organic farming is a priority for Jean Luc Colombo, who attaches great importance to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. The vines are cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, respecting the natural cycles of the vine and the soil. This allows us to obtain grapes of great quality, healthy and rich in aromas, which give birth to an authentic and expressive wine.

The wine "Les Ruchets" comes from vines aged about 40 years, planted on granitic soils, which gives the wine a true identity and a typicity specific to the Cornas appellation. Syrah, the emblematic grape variety of the region, is fully expressed in this wine with intense aromas of black fruits, licorice, violets and spices, accompanied by a subtle mineral note.

On the palate, "Les Ruchets" offers a velvety texture and elegant tannins, which give the wine a nice balance and complexity. The finish is long and persistent, revealing all the depth and finesse of this terroir wine. "Les Ruchets" is a wine for ageing, which can improve with time and offer an even more refined taste over the years.

This exceptional wine is the reflection of the know-how of Jean Luc Colombo, who puts all his talent and passion in the elaboration of high quality wines. "Les Ruchets" is an artisanal wine, produced in limited quantities, which embodies Jean Luc Colombo's commitment to organic viticulture and environmental preservation.

By tasting Jean Luc Colombo's AOC Cornas BIO "Les Ruchets", you will be transported by the unique expression of this exceptional terroir, in a red wine of character, which will delight lovers of great wines and epicureans in search of unforgettable taste sensations.

Vallée du Rhône
13,5% vol