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Our Apullie Hot Pepper Sauce is a fiery hot sauce made with hot peppers from Puglia, in southern Italy. Ideal for thrill seekers, this sauce adds intense heat to your favorite dishes. Perfect for pizzas, pastas, meats or vegetables, it adds a spicy and bold touch to your cooking. Use with caution for thrill seekers looking for authentic, spicy flavors.

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Our Apulla Pepper Sauce is a hot sauce from the Puglia region of southern Italy. Made from locally grown hot peppers, this sauce is known for its fiery, spicy flavor that adds intense heat to your favorite dishes. It's perfect for thrill seekers and those who love authentic, spicy flavors.


Made with care from quality ingredients, Apullie's chili sauce can be used to spice up a wide variety of dishes, such as pizzas, pastas, meats, vegetables and sauces. It is also perfect as a condiment to add zing to your marinades, dressings and other culinary preparations.


Apullie pepper sauce is often used in moderation due to its high pepper intensity. It can be diluted or mixed with other ingredients to adjust its spiciness to your personal preference. Its strong, spicy flavor will add an extra dimension to your dishes, bringing a touch of heat and character to your cooking.


In summary, Apullie's chili sauce is a delicious hot sauce that adds intense heat to your dishes. It is appreciated for its authentic and spicy flavor, and can be used sparingly to bring some spice to your favorite recipes. Perfect for thrill seekers and spicy food lovers, this sauce is a versatile condiment that adds a touch of spice to your culinary creations.

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