Ginger Pickles

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Discover Gugger Gourmet's Ginger Pickles, a delicious combination of crunchy gherkins and spicy ginger flavor. Perfectly pickled, these gherkins offer a unique taste experience, ideal as a side dish or aperitif. Let yourself be seduced by the harmonious marriage of crunchy gherkins and spicy ginger in this Gugger Gourmet creation.

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Gugger Gourmet's Ginger Pickles are a delicious combination of the crunch of gherkins and the slightly spicy flavor of ginger. Carefully prepared, these pickles are marinated in a savory brine that allows the ginger to release its full flavor.

The gherkins used are carefully selected for their freshness and firmness, guaranteeing a crunchy texture and authentic taste. The addition of ginger adds a subtle spiciness and a unique flavor to these gherkins.

Versatile in the kitchen, Gugger Gourmet Ginger Pickles are perfect as an accompaniment to savory dishes, in sandwiches, salads or as an aperitif. They add a refreshingly spicy note to your culinary creations.

Made with quality ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, these pickles reflect Gugger Gourmet's commitment to quality and to satisfying lovers of unique flavors. Taste Ginger Pickles and discover a harmonious and delicious taste experience.

Fribourg (CH)