Artisanal wild rose hip syrup from the Vaud Jura

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Discover the deliciously fascinating world of wild rosehip syrup from the Jura vaudois in Switzerland. This traditional delicacy, affectionately known as "scratch ice cream", transports you to the heart of the Alpine forests and reveals a sweet symphony that will tickle your taste buds. Immerse yourself in this unique taste adventure where the wild nature of the Jura blends with the sweetness of rosehips. Let yourself be seduced by this mysterious syrup that arouses curiosity and delights the senses.

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Welcome to the fascinating world of wild rosehip syrup from the Jura vaudois, an artisanal creation that transcends the boundaries of conventional taste. The affectionate nickname of "Gratte-culs" evokes a local tradition, a mischievous name for this gourmet syrup.

The origin of this syrup is the wild rose, the emblematic fruit of the Jura's alpine forests. Carefully harvested, they are transformed into a sweet elixir that embodies the very essence of wild nature. When you open the bottle, you're greeted by an enchanting fragrance that combines the freshness of rosehips with a mellow sweetness that tickles the nostrils.

Cul de sac" syrup becomes an invitation to taste adventure. Use it to sweeten your drinks, to make original desserts or simply enjoy it with a spoon to experience the authenticity of the Jura vaudois. Every drop is an encounter with nature, an excursion for the senses into the heart of the Swiss mountains.

The name "gratte-cul" recalls local tradition, a playful way of emphasising the unique character of this syrup. Its mysterious name arouses curiosity and encourages you to discover the gustatory secrets it conceals. Each bottle is a time capsule that preserves the tradition and authenticity of the Jura vaudois.

Vaud (CH)
25 l