Artisanal Wild Bear Garlic Pesto from the Jura Vaudois with olive oil

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Immerse yourself in the wild harmony of the Jura Vaudois with our Wild Bear Garlic Pesto, a gustatory embrace where nature meets culinary art. Grown in the heart of the mountains, this elixir of vibrant aromas offers a unique culinary experience. Hand-picked Bear's Garlic combines with olive oil in a dance of flavours. Let yourself be carried away by this gastronomic whirlwind, awakening your taste buds and awakening an unsuspected culinary curiosity.

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Pesto d'Ail des Ours Sauvages du Jura Vaudois à l'huile d'olive, a culinary masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of taste. Imagine an Alpine forest, where Bear's garlic emerges from the undergrowth, vibrant with vitality and aroma. It's here, in the Jura Vaudois, that our Pesto is born, a symphony of flavours captured in every jar.

On opening, an intoxicating fragrance wafts out, combining the poignant freshness of Bear's Garlic with the velvety richness of extra virgin olive oil. Each spoonful is a sensory experience, a journey to the heart of the wilderness. The Bear's Garlic leaves, hand-picked with respect for local biodiversity, bring a unique herbaceous intensity to this pesto.

The artisan preparation of our Pesto guarantees maximum preservation of its natural flavours and benefits. Use it to enhance your pasta or meat dishes, or simply enjoy it on a slice of fresh bread. Every bite is an exploration of taste, an encounter with the authenticity of the Swiss terroir.

Discover the Jura Vaudois through this Pesto, where the land and the cuisine come together to offer a unique culinary experience. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in every pot, inviting you to savour a moment of connection with nature

Vaud (CH)
90 gr