Artisanal Wild Bear Garlic Pesto from the Jura Vaudois with olive oil and almond powder

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Immerse yourself in an original culinary symphony with our Jura Vaud Wild Bear Garlic Pesto with olive oil and almond powder. A daring marriage of flavours in which the freshness of the Bear's garlic dances with the richness of the olive oil and the subtlety of the almonds. Let yourself be enchanted by this home-made creation, a taste escape that will awaken your senses with every bite.

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Explore the exquisite harmony of our Wild Bear Garlic Pesto from the Jura Vaudois with olive oil and almond powder, a culinary work of art that transports you to the heart of the Swiss mountains. At first glance, the jar of pesto is intriguing, a promise of unexplored flavours that tickle your taste buds.

Bear's garlic, carefully harvested in the forests of the Jura Vaudois, emerges in majesty, offering its characteristic herbaceous freshness. Extra-virgin olive oil, selected for its exceptional quality, adds a velvety smoothness, creating the perfect backdrop for the intense notes of Bear's Garlic. And that's where the almond powder comes in, adding exquisite subtlety and delicate texture to this symphony of flavours.

Each jar of Pesto reveals an artisanal preparation, a tribute to the rich biodiversity of the Jura Vaudois. The natural, hand-picked ingredients are carefully blended to preserve their freshness and benefits. This Pesto becomes an invitation to a sensory journey, a culinary escapade where every mouthful is a discovery.

Enjoy this Pesto with fresh pasta, as a spread on toast, or as an accompaniment to your favourite dishes. Bear's garlic, olive oil and almond powder intertwine in an unforgettable dance of flavours that will awaken your taste buds.

Vaud (CH)
90 gr