Artisanal wild apple jelly from the Jura Vaudois

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Immerse yourself in the sweet essence of the mountains with our Artisanal Wild Apple Jelly from the Jura Vaudois. A gourmet treasure crafted by nature, this jelly evokes the magic of wild orchards, a unique taste experience where each spoonful reveals the purity of apples from the Swiss peaks. Discover the authentic taste of nature in every jar, a sweet escapade that celebrates the biodiversity of the Jura Vaudois.

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A sweet treat from the heights of the Jura Vaudois, our Artisanal Wild Apple Jelly captures the very essence of nature. At first glance, the jar of jelly evokes wild orchards, a world where apples from the Swiss peaks reveal their splendor.

Each jar is a taste journey, an invitation to discover the diversity of apple varieties that grow naturally in the region. The artisanal production process preserves their authentic flavor, creating a jelly that transcends simple industrial jams. A jelly that evokes tradition and a love of the land.

The wild apples of the Jura Vaudois, bursting with subtle flavors, are hand-picked to preserve their freshness. The processing that follows is an art, a delicate balance between sugar and fruit, orchestrated to create a jelly of perfect color and consistency.

Each spoonful of jelly takes the palate on a sweet adventure, a symphony of flavors that evokes the fresh breath of the mountains. The velvety texture melts in your mouth, releasing the pure, delicate sweetness of wild apples. It's a sensory experience, a discovery of the nuances of flavor that only the Jura Vaudois can offer.

Succumb to this homemade jelly by spreading it on fresh bread, incorporating it into your favorite desserts or using it as an accompaniment to fine cheeses. It becomes an extension of nature, a way of celebrating the richness and diversity of wild orchards.

Vaud (CH)
120 gr