Wild Jura Vaudois sweet fir jelly (maple syrup style)

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Immerse yourself in the astonishing sweetness of our Sweet Fir Jelly "Maple Syrup Style", a treasure from the Jura Vaudois in Switzerland. Subtly transformed wild fir needles reveal a sweet symphony reminiscent of maple syrup. Each jar takes you on a new taste experience, a delicate fusion of alpine forest and Canadian delicacy.

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Explore the unique world of our Sweet Fir Jelly "Maple Syrup Style", a magical creation from the Jura Vaudois. Hand-picked wild fir needles reveal a sweet treasure, evoking the delights of maple syrup, while preserving the woody essence of the Swiss mountains.

From the very first spoonful, a gentle melody of sweet and woody flavours envelops your palate, offering a refined and surprising taste experience. This carefully crafted jelly embodies the subtle art of marrying wild nature with an iconic delicacy.

Use it to sweeten your pancakes, to accompany your desserts or simply as a glaze on a cake. Each jar is an invitation to a gourmet odyssey, a sensory discovery that combines the authenticity of alpine forests with the sweet pleasure of Canadian maple.

Vaud (CH)
120 gr