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Gugger Gourmet's Swiss Raspberry Jam Extra is an artisanal Swiss delicacy that captures the pure essence of raspberries. Carefully prepared according to a traditional recipe, it offers a unique taste experience with an intense raspberry flavor in every bite. Free from preservatives and artificial colorants, this jam reflects the renowned quality of Swiss gourmet products.

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Confiture Suisse de Framboise Extra by Gugger Gourmet is a Swiss artisanal preparation that perfectly illustrates the refinement and quality of Swiss gourmet products. Each jar contains the very essence of the raspberry in all its purity and richness, thanks to a traditional recipe that brings out the fruit's natural flavours.

These raspberries, selected with the greatest care for their ripeness and flavor, are gently simmered with granulated sugar, in keeping with the Swiss culinary art. The result is a jam with a vibrant color, sprinkled with generous chunks of raspberries and a pleasantly thick, velvety texture.

Gugger Gourmet Swiss Raspberry Extra Jam is not just a jam, it's a real taste experience. With every bite, you can savor the intense taste of raspberries, bringing a touch of Swiss sweetness to your breakfasts, desserts or gourmet recipes.

With no preservatives or artificial colorants, this jam embodies the true taste of nature, and reflects Switzerland's reputation for quality gourmet products.

Fribourg (CH)