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Gugger Gourmet's Swiss Strawberry Extra Jam is an artisanal Swiss product that celebrates the quality of local strawberries. Prepared with a high concentration of sweet, ripe fruit, this jam offers a rich, intense flavor. With no preservatives or artificial colors, it offers an authentic taste experience, with a creamy texture, generous chunks of strawberries and an explosion of flavor in every bite. More than a jam, it's a symbol of Swiss gastronomic savoir-faire.

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Gugger Gourmet's Swiss Strawberry Extra Jam is an artisanal delight that combines the art of traditional Swiss confectionery with the exceptional quality of local strawberries. True to its authentic recipe, this jam is prepared with a high concentration of fruit to guarantee an intense, rich strawberry flavor.

These strawberries, carefully selected for their ripeness and sweetness, are slowly cooked with granulated sugar, to preserve their natural aromas. The result is a jam with bright colors, generous chunks of strawberries, and a deliciously thick, creamy texture.

Gugger Gourmet Swiss Strawberry Extra Jam is more than just a jam, it's a unique taste experience. It delivers an explosion of strawberry flavor with every bite, bringing a touch of Swiss sweetness to your morning toast, gourmet crepes or favorite pastry recipes.

Free from preservatives and artificial colorants, this jam reveals the true taste of nature, honoring Switzerland's worldwide reputation for the quality of its gourmet products.

Fribourg (CH)