Champagne "Côte Blanche" Le Brun de Neuville

  • France
  • Champagne

Le Brun de Neuville's Champagne Côte Blanche is a prestigious cuvée from the renowned champagne house. Made from grapes selected from the hillsides of Champagne, this champagne is distinguished by its finesse, elegance and subtle aromas of ripe fruit and white flowers. Its brilliant color, delicate effervescence and invigorating freshness make it an ideal choice for celebratory moments and special occasions. Côte Blanche Champagne embodies the excellence of the art of champagne and promises a memorable drinking experience.

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The Champagne "Côte Blanche" by Le Brun de Neuville is an exceptional cuvée that embodies the excellence and refinement of the Champagne region. This prestigious cuvée, created with passion and expertise by the House of Le Brun de Neuville, is the fruit of an ancestral know-how and a deep respect for the terroir.

From the first glance, the Champagne "Côte Blanche" fascinates with its pale gold color with brilliant reflections, testifying of its purity and its nobility. On the nose, a complex aromatic palette unfolds with elegance, revealing delicate notes of white fruits, spring flowers and mineral nuances. Each inspiration reveals new olfactory subtleties, inviting to a tasting full of anticipation.

In the mouth, the Champagne "Côte Blanche" charms by its finesse and its balance. A delicate and persistent effervescence animates the palate, offering a sensation of lightness and freshness. Its silky texture envelops the taste buds with elegance, while the flavors unfold in a harmonious symphony. Aromas of juicy pears, ripe peaches, subtle citrus and toasty notes intertwine with finesse, bringing a remarkable complexity of flavor.

The finish is long and full of intensity, leaving a memorable imprint on the palate. Each sip is a sensory experience that evokes sophistication and finesse. The Champagne "Côte Blanche" offers unparalleled elegance and impeccable structure, revealing Le Brun de Neuville's mastery and commitment to creating exceptional champagnes.

Côte Blanche" Champagne is the ideal companion for celebratory moments and special occasions. Its charisma and elegance make it a privileged choice for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions. It enhances delicate foods such as shellfish, fine fish and gourmet dishes, bringing a touch of excellence to every tasting.

The House of Le Brun de Neuville, with its know-how inherited from several generations, has preserved the authenticity and tradition in each bottle of Champagne "Côte Blanche". This cuvée embodies the House's passion and commitment to quality and perfection, reflecting the exceptional terroir of the Champagne region.

Le Brun de Neuville's Champagne "Côte Blanche" is an invitation to a unique taste journey, where each bubble tells a story of passion, elegance and finesse. It is a tribute to the art of champagne and a promise of delectation for the most demanding sparkling wine lovers.