"Mlado" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Unquestionably one of the best organic olive oils in the world 2019 (BioL). One of the best award-winning organic olive oils in Croatia, from the famous Chiavalon olive farm. 

Oil bottle (ml)

Mlado is an extra virgin, organic, cold-pressed olive oil, a blend of local varieties Buza, Istrian Bianchera, Rosignola, Leccino, hand-picked, 1st choice. Intense and very elegant aroma, with distinct notes of artichoke, freshly cut green grass, herbs, green apple and tomato. Fruity and complex taste with a nice noble bitterness and a good spiciness.

The flavours are very well balanced between spiciness and bitterness.

This oil goes well with mixed vegetable salads, boiled and fried eggs, mushroom soups, creamy vegetable soups, grilled fish, grilled tuna, red meat and various cheeses as well as all types of pasta and risotto. Traditionally, young olive oil is served with warm homemade bread, but it can also be served with bruschetta.

Istrie (HR)
Vodnjan Buža
+ de 600
3,7 meq O2/kg